Jonathan Hayman was a writer for the hit show Seinfeld

Jonathan Hayman was a writer for the hit show Seinfeld. As the show continued, more and more people became fans until it became the thing to talk about around the water cooler at work. Everyone wanted to know what happened on last night’s episode. In fact, even some of the dialogue became a short of catch phrase that you might hear often. In case you aren’t aware of the show, here are some of the basics.


Four New Yorkers are the center of this story written in part by Jonathan Hayman. Each person has Air-Cooled Condenser Suppliers his (or her own) personality and quirks that audiences came to love. The main character was Jerry Seinfeld, played by Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry played a standup comic who had the ability to find women that just never seemed to fit the profile for him. There was always something that just wasn’t right.

There are three other supporting roles that Semi-Hermetic Compressor & Condensing Units Manufacturers played a huge part in the show’s success. George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander, is Jerry’s close friend. He tries hard at just about everything but is successful at nothing. His old girlfriend, Elaine Benes is played by Julia Louis-Dryfus. Just like the others, she brings her own view of life and interesting relationships with men. Then, there is Kramer, played by Michael Richards. He takes the cake when it comes to a little odd and unusual. He doesn’t really have a way to support himself and always makes a memorable entrance into Jerry’s apartment. Jonathan Hayman worked to make sure that each of these characters had the chance to produce some memorable lines.


When Jonathan Hayman became a part of the Seinfeld show, most people wonder if he had any idea what a mark it would leave on American society. The first episode played in 1990 and continued for nine years. During that time, it earned several different awards. While the show now only airs in reruns, it still maintains a large audience. There are very few people that can say they have never seen at least one, if not more episodes of Seinfeld.

During that time, several important life issues were covered with the assistance of writer Jonathan Hayman. Where else but Seinfeld were audiences asked to ponder the issue of shrinkage. Only here would “double dipping” be something worth a serious conversation. And who can forget, “Yada, yada, yada.” Finally, as the holiday season approaches, no one wants to be accused of re-gifting.

If you can’t find the show on re-runs, it is possible to purchase the DVD sets. If you are new to the show, take your time and start from the beginning. You don’t want to miss anything that happens and you want to make sure that you catch each word of dialogue. Chances are, you might hear a lot of it repeated, even today. Once you finish watching, look around and the people in your life and figure out which ones most resemble the members of the Seinfeld. Everyone had a George Costanza in their lives, right?